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Mr. Nabyendu Das

A very energetic person who always strive for innovations in cocktails and beverages. He is very well known among the customers for his excellent services.

1. What is your role here?
I look into cocktail innovation, beverage standardisation, beverage stock maintain, liaison with the different liquor companies & customer service.

2. Before working at The GRID, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
Being a passionate bartender, I have learned about “molecular Mixology” & implemented the same at my previous outlet which was the first time in Eastern Region. It was really complicated to learn.

3. How did you first learn about The GRID?
The Grid created such positive impact in the hospitality segment that, it doesn’t require any advertisement, only the positive feedback from the guest made me join this professional company.

4. How do you balance your career at and family?
I believe that, if a professional wants to be successful in terms of career growth & happy family, he or she has to give his/her 100 percent towards the job & family both. This is the only way to balance the professional & personal life.

5. How has The GRID helped you in your career development?
The GRID (Karnani F LLP) is a brand now , not only in India but also in Overseas. So by default working here is creating a great positive impact in my career growth.

6. If you could switch your job with anyone else within this company, whose job would you want?
I would like to switch it with Mr.Suman Jana”s job.

7. What are the 3 words to describe The GRID?
Only one sentence is enough to describe The GRID- Simply The Best.

8. What do you find the most challenging at The GRID?
Identifying an unhappy customer/guest in a very busy day. Because whoever comes here as a guest, they are always well treated & happily served.

9.What do you like most about The GRID?
I like anything & everything related to The GRID.

10. What has been your favourite memory here at The GRID?
The Day I have joined The GRID has and will always be my favourite memory.

11. What have you gained from working here?
Dedication, Creativity, Punctuality & Future planning.

12. What is on your wish list for the next 5 years ?
I want to become a corporate F&B Manager within next 5 years.

13. What is the favorite part about working here?
The GRID believes in never ending innovation, in terms of food, beverage and everything. This is the best part about working here.

14. What is your proudest moment at The GRID?
There is no specific proud moment as such, because I feel that being a part of this great team itself makes me very proud.