Sanchita Sarkar

This place has long been on my list. Visited on 15th August with a group of friends. The music, the ambience, the food everything is excellent. We ordered 4 items from starter and main course (can’t recall the name right now ), 1 mocktail ( some lychee mojito I guess and it was a good suggestion ), 2 redbulls, 1 coke , 1 dessert and hookah. The pork item from main course was delicious. Served with rice ,the portion was good. Also liked grilled fish with mashed potato. But the winner is the dessert “Guptaji Toast”. It was Delicious with capital D and the portion was huge enough to be shared by 5 – 6 people. Pricing I found quite reasonable won’t burn a hole in purse. 0.5 is deducted for 2 reasons : one is I so wanted to try out that Japanese pork item from starter section which was not available and the other reason is the music was loud so at times it was very difficult to understand what the other person was saying. Loved this place. Looking forward to visit again.


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