Indulge in an extensive choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available all day.

Globally Inspired Menu

With selections from various countries and cities - our menu is designed to suit your palette. We have something for everybody.

Sunday Brunch

On Sundays we brunch. We really believe in work hard brunch harder. No wonder our brunches are always sold out.

Finest Ingredients

With ingredients sourced locally and globally - we take utmost care about what we put on the table.

We don’t disappoint! 

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The menu boasts of a large variety and the pizza is just to die for.

Reviewed by Sohini on Zomato

Various food items will definitely blow your mind.

Reviewed by Mallika on Facebook

Most promising place offering an incredible menu. Signature dishes are highly recommended.

Reviewed by Bhavna on Facebook

It's a classy place with classy crowd and classy food.

Reviewed by Nitin on Zomato

This place ticks all the right boxes in terms of food, service, portion size and value for money.

Reviewed by Bhumika on Zomato



Every Sunday | 12noon - 4pm

Call for Reservations

Our Menu

Appetizers / Light Bites
Available between 12:30pm – 3:30pm / 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Lasooni Paneer Skewers

Garlic Pickle

St. Elmo's Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms tossed with white wine, cream and swiss gruyere & served with garlic wedges

Tokyo Chickpeas

Chickpeas dipped in light batter and tossed with spicy togarashi spice and hint of lemon juice

Babycorn Agarwal

Khatta, Mitha, Teekha, Chatpata (Nimboo & Chaat masala maarke)

Amritsari Bhatti Ke Aloo

Tandoori aloo stuffed with fresh cottage cheese, prunes, nuts & rubbed with homemade bhatti masala

Killer Sweet Corn, Cream Cheese & Green Onion Tikkis

Served with spicy Thai sriracha dipping sauce

Dahi Pyaaz Tikki With Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha

Shallow fried tikkis served with baluchi onion salad and lasooni chutney

Watermelon Salad With Fresh Feta Cheese

Fresh watermelon chunks with chef's fragrant lime dressing

Grid Caesar Salad Supreme

A classic salad with char grilled vegetables & parmesan croutons

Juhu Gymkhana's Spicy Green Noodles

Stir fried spicy noodles with vegetables, tossed in spicy green sauce & topped with crunchy garlic flakes

Van Wale Noodles, Canteen

Chilli garlic noodles with sprouts & vegetables

Amrik Dhaba Chilli Paneer (Dry)

A recipe inspired from a famous dhaba in Murthal

Grilled Mithibai College Style Sandwiched

Mint chutney, sliced potato, onions, tomato with lots of cheese

Lime & Coriander Chicken

Served with spicy pear kimchi

Bhatia's Punjabi Chilli Chicken

Inspired from an Indo-Chinese fast food center, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Elvis Presley Crispy Chicken

Buttermilk brined & served with hot sriracha dip

St. Elmo's Chicken With Mushrooms

Chicken with fresh mushrooms tossed with white wine cream Y Swiss gruyere & served with garlic bread

Dry Chilli Prawns

We recommend

Dry Chilli Fish

Flavoured with Korean gochujang hot pepper paste

Kasundi Fish Fingers

Served with Tartar Sauce

Cocktail Pork Sausages Chakhna (Chicken Sausages Option Is Also Available)

Green chilli-mustard glaze

Van Wale Noodles, Canteen

Chilli garlic noodles with sprouts, chicken & fried eggs

Irani Style Keema

Flaky tawa paratha & red onions

Snacks for Beer Buddies
Weekdays and Sunday | 12:30pm – 11:00pm
Friday and Saturday | 
12:30pm – 1:00am
Chilli Potato

Dry & Spicy


Served with garlic-yogurt & fresh tomato salsa

Chakhna Pe Charcha

Wafers + Papad + Cashews + Green Salad + Peanuts + Cheeselings & Masala French Fries

Pan Tossed Mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms pan tossed with white wine, onions, chilli flakes, parsley & parmesan

Oven Fresh Garlic Breads

With melting cheese & chef's special seasonings

Loaded Nachos

Overbaked tortilla chips with spicy refried beans, salsa & sour cream

Grid Caesar Salad Supreme

Classic salad with char grilled chicken, bacon (optional) & parmesan croutons

Bhindibazar Chicken Tikka

Inspired from Pervez chicken, Bhindibazar Khaugali, Mumbai

Loaded Nachos With BBQED Chicken

Overbaked tortilla chips with spicy Mexican chicken, salsa & sour cream

Roz Khao Ande (Eggs)
Available between 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Masala Fried Eggs - Both Sides
Cheese & Mushroom Omelette
Cheese, Chicken & Mushroom Omelette
Masala Omelette
Kejriwal In The GRID

Fried eggs with buttered toast

Kolkata Dim Toast (GRID Version)

Try This !

Sharing Platters
 Available between 12:30pm – 3:30pm / 7:00pm – 11:00pm
GRID Box For Vegetarians

Crispies + Gunpowder Wedges + Babycorn Agarwal + Karachi Bhindi

Israeli Falafel

Served with Beiruti Hummus, Babaganouz, Tatziki and Israeli Salad & Pitta

GRID Box For Non-Vegetarians

Crispy Chicken Tenders + Chicken Tikka + Fish Fingers + Prawn Wafers + Pork/Chicken Sausages

Signature Garlic Naan Rolls
Weekdays and Sunday | 12:30pm – 11:00pm
Friday and Saturday | 
12:30pm – 1:00am
Aloo Chota Piyaz
Barbeque Cottage Cheese
Corn, Cheese & Pepper Masala
Mutton Keema & Anda Ghotala
Classic Chicken Tikka
Available between 12:30pm – 11:00pm
The Mediterranean

Grilled assorted vegetables, spinach, olives, sundried tomato, parmesan & mozzarella


The house special pizza, a simple affair with crunchy peppers, jalapeno, onions, garlic and oodles of cheese


Sauteed mushrooms, cream cheese & parsley (without tomato)

Super Potato

Sliced potato, green chillies, jalapeno, rosemary


Mozzarella, tomato, basil, parmesan

Four Seasons

(Sliced Potato, Olives & Jalapeno) + (Roasted Peppers, Onions) + (Mushrooms, Arugula) + (Pesto, Sun dried tomato, Pine Nuts)


Chicken tikka, onions, pineapples, green chillies, capsicum, ketchup drizzle, fried garlic (With double cheese)

Jamaican Jerked Chicken

Jerk spiced chicken & onion

Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza

An old classic with spicy pork pepperoni, bacon, onions, roasted garlic & basil

Grid Signature Pastas
Available between 1:00pm – 11:00pm
Lasagna Al Horno

Fresh seasonal vegetables layered with homemade pasta sheets, pesto and cheese. Baked in the oven and served.

Penne In Tomato-Cream Sauce

Pasta in vodka flavoured creamy tomato basil sauce. Topped with parmesan & parsley.

Grid Smoked Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

Classic pasta recipe - crispy garlic flakes, chilli flakes, parsley & olive oil

Penne Alfredo

Penne cooked in parsley sauce

Penne With Walnut Pesto Cream

With Vegetables

Oven Baked Pasta Primavera

Penne cooked in spicy tomato cream sauce & vegetables

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti in bacon cream sauce

Penne Chicken Puttanesca

Penne with chicken, peppers & olives in spicy tomato sauce

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio With Chicken

Classic pasta recipe - Crispy garlic flakes, chilli flakes, parsley & olive oil

Mains / Café Substancials / Big Plates
Available between 12:30pm – 3:30pm / 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Swiss Potato Rosti With Emmental Cheese

With creamy mushroom sauce (or creamy herb sauce for non mushroom lovers)

Vegetables In Hot Paprika Cream

With herb rice & parsley potato

Dariaganj Chole Bhature

Served with khatta-meetha chutney & onion salad

Tandoori Celebration Platter - For 2 Persons Sharing

Assortments of tandoori vegetables served on sizzler with a side portion of dal makhani, garlic naan & cheese kulcha

Quesadilla Fiesta

Tortillas stuffed with vegetables & cheese. Served with traditional dipping sauces.

Spinach & Corn Delight

Bed seasonal vegetables on a bed of garlic pasta

Vegetables In Thai Green Curry

Served with steamed rice & relsih

Irani Berry Nu Pulav

Served with pomegranate raita

Classic Grilled Kolkata Bekti

Lemon butter / Brandy mushroom sauce / bbq sauce

Golden Crumb Fried Fish & Chips

Served with tartar sauce

GRID Nasi Goreng

Served with skewered chicken, fried eggs & prawn crackers (We Recommend)

Signature Grilled Chicken

Cheese & green chilli mash & semon coriander juice

Tandoori Non-Veg Platter

Served with Kali Dal, Garlic Naan & Chicken Tikka

Paprika Chicken Stroganoff

Served with herb rice

Homestyle Egg Curry

Syrian Christian style egg served with ghee rice, salad, & green chilli pickle (We Recommend)

Available between 1:00pm – 11:00pm
Apple Therapy

A GRID signature. Served with honey nut crunch ice cream.

Hip Hip Hurray - Freindship, Teenage, Love And That Time

Inspired from the popular Indian televison series of 90's which was aired on Zee TV channel

Yorkshire Mud Pie

With Ice cream (Please allow us 20 minutes for this dessert)

Mississippi Mud Brownies

Classic pub style rich chocolate slabs served with ice cream & dark chocolate sauce

Extreme Chocolate Montecarlo

Rich chocolate ganache, hazlenuts, brownie chunks layered with belgian chocolate ice cream

Emotional Atyachaar

Try this !

Guptaji Toast (For Sharing)

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