Director’s Desk

The objective of our company was to do something out of the box and to be a trendsetter in the Eastern part of India. We wanted to create a space, which would be original, innovative, exciting, and with an element of surprise in every corner. The Grid is a high energy resto-bar cum brewery with an ambience and experience which is young and youthful but at the same time nostalgic and antique. It’s a raw chic industrial fun space!

The people of Kolkata have loved and appreciated the concept and design of The GRID. They noticed each and every element of the design from the different kind of areas and seating to the holographic visuals on the 32 feet clear glass screen. They loved the 38ft long LEGO Bar with its little men constructing small sites (it was nostalgic for many). They were awed by the shipping containers converted into toilet blocks. Our micro-brewery is a beautifully put up plant with its beers running on tap.

The GRID………is just the beginning!


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